Why study with us?

We are the leading national provider of School Business Management (SBM) programmes

The SBM Partnership which includes Serco, Adfecto and ISBL (formerly NASBM) is proud to be the leading national provider of school business management programmes across England (and beyond). We have been the provider of choice for the National College and the only provider to have delivered the full suite of SBM programmes since they were first introduced in 2003.

We are ILM accredited

In 2015 we became the first SBM provider to be fully ILM accredited to deliver the Level 4 Diploma (CSBM), Level 5 Diploma (DSBM) and Level 6 Diploma in School Business Management programmes (ex-ADSBM).  To find out more click here

In 2018 we were the first provider to deliver the Level 4 School Business Professional Apprenticeship, click here for details.

We have already supported over 10,000 SBMs to gain their qualification

Since 2003 we have supported many thousands of school business managers (SBMs), and others in similar roles, in gaining the certificate (CSBM), Diploma (DSBM) or Advanced Diploma (ADSBM) of School Business Management, and the more recent ILM diploma programmes that have succeeded them.  See case study for an example of a participant who has studied all four key SBM programmes.

We are the only provider who has delivered ADSBM (Level 6 Diploma)

We are the only provider to have delivered the ADSBM programme nationally and we are thrilled that some of our participants are now in Assistant Headteacher and other senior positions.  The ADSBM programme is no longer available and is being replaced by the our new CMDA for Schools degree apprenticeship, launched in 2019.

We have unrivalled experience in designing and developing SBM programmes

In addition to delivery we have also been employed by the National College to design and develop the national SBM programmes and ensure that they were regularly updated to meet the changing needs of SBMs.

We now develop and design our programmes to meet the latest ISBL Professional Standards. We were also at the forefront of working with employer groups to bring new Trailblazer apprenticeship standards to school business professionals from 2018. 

We are the experts

With such comprehensive experience developed over more than 16 years, it is not surprising that we are the experts in delivering school business management programmes in England and beyond.  An experienced team of facilitators, many of whom are current school business managers, and back-room staff are here to help assist and support you through your programme of study.

  1. Meet the experts


      Frances Barnett – Level 4 Programme Manager

    Frances is an experienced facilitator, who has worked on our delivery team since 2012. She is also an experienced Business Manager and Specialist Leader of Education for Business Management and has completed CSBM, DSBM and ADSBM herself. Frances is our Level 4 (CSBM) and L4 Apprenticeship (SBPA) programme manager and her responsibilities include both assessing and moderating. Frances is a facilitator and assessor on the Level 5 School  Business Leader programme and is also a member of our writing team.

    Kate Kate Hinchliffe – Level 5 Programme Manager

    Kate is an experienced facilitator and coach, who held the Regional Manager role for CSBM in the NE & NW since 2011. Previously, she was the Regional Programme Lead for the TDA in the NE from 2007 until 2011. Kate is now our Level 4 (CSBM) Programme Manager in the north and her responsibilities include both assessing and moderating the programme. Kate is also a facilitator and assessor of the Level 5 (DSBM) programme.



Case Studies

Click here to find out what a participant who has recently completed our School Administration Foundation Certificate (SAFC) thought about our popular programme.

Click here to read a case study from one of our previous participants who has now completed all of our SBM programmes.