Senior Leaders Masters Degree Apprenticeship (School Leaders)

Level 7 Senior Leaders Masters Degree Apprenticeship (School Leaders)

Programme information 

The School Business Leader programme is being replaced by the new Senior Leaders Masters Degree Apprenticeship (School Leaders), a new two-year Level 7 Master’s degree.

New school business manager apprenticeships being developed by employer/school-led trailblazer groups will be available in 2018. These will be funded from the apprenticeship accounts that levy-paying schools are contributing to.

The SBM Partnership is delivering a range of new ‘trailblazer’ higher apprenticeships which are scheduled to start in 2018 for current school staff, including school leaders and school business managers (the new Level 4 apprenticeship has recently been approved and will be delivered from April 2018 onwards). If your school is contributing to the apprenticeship levy fund then you will be able to draw on your funds to pay for these new higher apprenticeship qualifications, including the SLMDA for School Leaders.

The Senior Leaders Masters Degree Apprenticeship (SLMDA) for School Leaders is a two-year Level 7 Masters programme and will enable middle and senior school leaders, such as School Business Directors, Chief Operating Officers, Chief Executive Officers and Chief Finance Officers, the opportunity to complete a Master’s degree in school business management.

The IFA (Institute for Apprenticeships) have confirmed that the funding band for the new, generic Senior Leaders Masters Degree Apprenticeship will be up to £18k (i.e. £9k per year) and we anticipate that the SLMDA for School Leaders will also fall into this funding category.

The first intake is expected to start in late Autumn Term 2018. Please contact us at to register your interest in the Level 7 SLMDA (School Leaders) and we will update you with further details in the summer of 2018 once these have been confirmed.



Page updated 15/2/18