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Introduction to the new apprenticeship standards

New apprenticeship standards are being developed by employer-led ‘Trailblazer’ groups across the country.

The government has introduced a levy to fund growth in these new apprenticeship standards from April 2017.  All schools should be able to access the funding through a levy account to use towards training for current employees (non-levy paying schools are expected to be able to access funding from 2018). The SBM Partnership is in the process of developing a range of new apprenticeship programmes that will be eligible for up to 100% of this funding.

Our new SBM apprenticeship programmes  should start from this Autumn onwards (pending Institute for Apprenticeship approvals) and will be available for current school staff including school business managers, support staff, teaching assistants and others.

The apprenticeship levy may be used to cover up to 100% funding for the professional development of current school staff

What can schools spend the levy on?

A range of new apprenticeship standards are currently being developed by ‘Trailblazer’ employer groups. Some of these are specifically aimed at school support staff, including school business managers, teaching assistants, school administrators and more. Some will also be aimed at school leaders.

How will the funding for an apprenticeship work?

If your school is an employer contributing to the levy fund (from April 2017), then you should be able to access either the school’s apprenticeship account or the local authority’s apprenticeship account (for those schools who staff pay bills are held by the local authority) to pay for the apprenticeship; payment is collected by HMRC via the PAYE system.

Even if your school doesn’t pay the apprenticeship levy you should still be able to access up to 90% of the funding from the levy from 2018 (details to be confirmed by the Institute for Apprenticeships).

Who is eligible?

Any current staff members over the age of 18 yrs. There will be a range of apprenticeship qualifications from Level 3 right up to Level 7 (Master’s level), so there should be a suitable qualification for most school staff.

When can I start?

Although a number of the new apprenticeship standards will commence from May 2017, those specifically being developed for school staff will not be available until Autumn 2017 (subject to Institute for Apprenticeships approval), or even until 2018.

How does my school access the levy funding?

All schools who contribute monthly to the levy fund (i.e. those with a staffing budget exceeding £3m/year) will be allocated a digital (or levy) account (DfE funding guidance document here). The school can access their digital account to draw down funds to pay a training provider. The account funds must be used within two years.

Many schools may find that they pay the levy as part of their local authority contribution. If this is the case, speak to the finance team at your local authority to find out how you can access these funds.

What apprenticeships will the SBM Partnership offer?

Serco (part of the SBM Partnership) has been a provider of apprenticeship training for many years, and now, through the SBM Partnership (Serco Education and Adfecto) we are hoping to introduce apprenticeship qualifications specifically aimed at school staff, from Level 3 up to Level 7 (Level 4 to 7 apprenticeships are sometimes referred to as ‘higher apprenticeships’).

The following apprenticeship standards are in development and should be available (subject to Institute for Apprenticeships approval) from Serco and our SBM partner, Adfecto, from Autumn term 2017 onwards:
• Level 4 School Business Manager
• Level 6 School Business Director Degree
• Level 3 School Business Administrator
• Level 7 Leadership & Management for School Business Leaders

This section only summarises key points of the government’s trailblazer apprenticeship scheme. (‘Trailblazers’ refers to the employer-led groups that are developing the various apprenticeship standards).

For further information, please visit the government’s apprenticeship area or contact us directly (see below).

Summary – Ready, Levy, Go!

  • Up to 100% funding is available to spend on current school staff – you do not need to recruit new employees to take advantage of the scheme.
  • Non-levy paying schools are expected to be able to access up to 90% funding in 2018.
  • Specialist apprenticeship qualifications, at various levels, for school staff should be available later in the year (late Autumn onwards) – you can simply register your interest by emailing us now (with no commitment to join an apprenticeship) and we will update you once more details become available.

Further documentation and information about the new apprenticeship standards and levy funding published on the main Gov.UK website can also be found here.

Next step

To register interest in one or more of the above proposed apprenticeships please email us now:

Enquiries: 01452 727272 (office hours)

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