MOD Aspiring SBM

Are you interested in becoming a School Business Manager?

Few professions have risen so far so fast as that of the school business manager (SBM), and the importance of the role is only set to grow as schools become more autonomous.

The MOD Aspiring School Business Manager programme (course code: 220), specifically for Ministry of Defence personnel and delivered over 10 weeks, will give you the opportunity to explore the role, find out how the contribution of a school business manager benefits a school and how it makes a real difference to children’s learning opportunities. In addition you will examine in detail the finance responsibilities of the school business manager.

Later, after the MOD Aspiring programme, if you decide you want to study for a full qualification, then our school business manager courses are approved for the MOD’s Enhanced Learner Credits Scheme (ELC) – more details here.

Who can apply?

  • The MOD Aspiring SBM programme is designed for Ministry of Defence (MOD) career transition students who are considering moving into the role of school business manager. Please contact us if you need to discuss your eligibility for the most appropriate programme.
  • Many schools now expect applicants to have at least a Level 4 Diploma in School Business Management and the MOD Aspiring School Business Manager programme also includes the Finance Unit from the full Level 4 Diploma (CSBM) programme.

What’s involved?

The MOD Aspiring SBM programme begins with two consecutive face-to-face days at the RTC in Aldershot (Hants.), during which time you will learn about the SBM role and the education sector. This is followed by an introduction to the Managing Schools Finance unit. You will then begin your online studies of the Managing Schools Finance unit (one of the six units from the full Level 4 Diploma programme).

Support is provided throughout the programme by the facilitator who will answer questions through the group study forum, review draft assignments and provide feedback as well as lead WebEx (online conferencing) sessions. We also expect participants to support each other in their studies through their online study forum.

The Managing Schools Finance unit covers:

  • basic principles of school financial management
  • key sources of funding for schools
  • how to plan and manage the budget
  • school financial procedures with probity
  • principles of cash management
  • processes for the management of debtors and creditors
  • value for money from procurement activities
  • monitoring the school’s financial transactions

Study activities for the Managing Schools Finance Unit are school-based so you will have access to a unique Virtual School which will provide you with the support material required to successfully complete your assignment for this unit.

Need more information? Please see the links under Key Documents panel (on the right) to print or download helpful documents.

Further Studies

Should you wish to continue your studies and complete the Level 4 Diploma (CSBM) you will need to complete two development units and the following three operational units:

  • Managing Human Resources in Schools
  • Managing Risk in Schools
  • Managing School Facilities

Please be aware that as activities are school based you will need a support school if you decide to complete the full Level 4 Diploma (CSBM) programme. We provide more information about the role of the support school during the MOD Aspiring SBM programme.

Help in finding a support school is available, should you need this, at a cost of £450 (plus VAT) payable only when a school confirms in writing that it will support you through the Level 4 Diploma programme.

For further details and how to apply for additional support options please contact us. All prices quoted exclude (but are subject to) VAT.  Our Level 4, 5 and 6 school business management programmes are now approved for the Enhanced Learning Credits Scheme (ELC), click here for details of the scheme. Please contact us for more information if you are eligible for the scheme.

Ready to apply?

Please note that all MOD students are required to apply via the Career Transition Partnership.

To access the online materials and discussion area you will need to create a user account on the Learning Centre web platform before the programme starts. This only takes a few minutes and you will be asked for your name and email address, and to create a username, password, and security question.

Upcoming schedule:

ProgrammeApply by2-day workshop dates 
MoD Aspiring SBM programme13th Sept 201829th Oct 2019To Register
MoD Aspiring SBM programme5th April 201928th/29th May 2019To Register
MoD Aspiring SBM programmeFurther 2019 dates to be confirmed


I would just like to convey my thanks for the input you provided during this course. I found it extremely beneficial in helping me decide that being an SBM is a career move I wanted to make. I have just been successful in securing an SBM role starting in September and I really don't think I could have done it without attending the aspiring course and re-reading all the material we gathered throughout the course.

Aspiring SBM Feb 2015 participant, to the programme facilitator

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